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  • 13 Feb 2019

    Contracts Analyst


    Permanent Position
    IQVIA - ヘルスケアの発展に寄与する医療情報、テクノロジー、分析力および人知による創意工夫を活用した幅広いソリューションを提供しています。日本法人として当社は唯一無二の医療データベースと最先端のテクノロジーをもとに、エビデンスに基づくインサイトを結集して、医療ステークホルダーの課題解決に寄与し、医療の発展と最適化に貢献します。

    Job Description

    - Work closely with project teams to determine appropriate terms and conditions of contracts
    - Develop and prepare Contracts
    - Primary customer interface on large, complex contracts, responsible for developing and maintaining customer
    - Revise or develop the contracts and related budgets and scope of work. Ensure the scope of work is defined correctly
    and budgets reflect the scope. Ensure any changes are integrated into the main study contract efficiently and accurately
    - Customize documents to accurately reflect services provided. Oversee finalization and distribution of documents
    - Assist in the negotiation of legal contracting text using Global Contracting Policy, templates and fallbacks
    - Represent Contracts team at customer meetings and on task forces as required
    - Create budget, scopes and contracts as required
    - Provide advice, support and guidance to other Contract Analysts as needed
    - Mentor and train team members
    - Perform all other duties as assigned

    We know that meaningful results require not only the right approach but also the right people. Regardless of your role, we invite you to reimagine healthcare with us. You will have the opportunity to play an important part in helping our clients drive healthcare forward and ultimately improve human health outcomes. Whatever your career goals, we are here to ensure you
    Expires on 15 Mar 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 下記のメールアドレス(までご送付いただけますとスムーズです。)

    Tel: 080-1118-4497


  • 04 Feb 2019



    Permanent Position
    EPS - 日本のCROのパイオニアとして、1991年の創業以来、四半世紀にわたって、新薬開発支援等の多彩なソリューションを提供し、医療・ヘルスケア産業の発展に貢献してきました。近年、新薬承認基準の厳格化や医療制度の見直し等、厳しい事業環境が続く一方、再生医療やアンメットメディカルニーズ等の新しい医療分野の成長もあり、CROに対するお客様のニーズもますます高度化・多様化しています。

    Job Description


     Kick-off Meeting、プロトコール説明会、終了報告会、


    •講演支援  など
    Expires on 15 Mar 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 下記のメールアドレス(までご送付いただけますとスムーズです。)

    Tel: 080-1118-4497





  • 28 Jan 2019

    Medical Operations Associate


    Permanent Position
    アメリカ系製薬企業 - 神経疾患、自己免疫疾患、希少疾患の治療法開発に重点を置く、世界屈指のバイオテクノロジー会社です。1978年に設立され、生物学的および低分子薬の発見における当社の研究が、世界で最も広範な多発性硬化症治療法のポートフォリオと、血友病患者さんのための革新的な新しい治療法へと導きました。革新における経験、能力、熱意によって、当社はパイプラインを築き上げ、重篤で治療が困難なアルツハイマー病、脊髄性筋萎縮症、筋萎縮性側索硬化症(ALS)のための可能性ある治療法の探索を含む 最先端の研究プログラムを推進しています。

    Job Description

    The scope of the role includes: contract processing and management, event support, vendor management, documentation management aswell as audit preparation support and filing. An additional aspect of the role will include support for medical information and collaboration withother medical excellence and operation team members. This is a team-oriented, cross-functional and timeline driven role that requiresflexibility, agility (sense of urgency) and a collaborative mind-set and attitude. Must be able to communicate in both English & Japanese

    Contract Process Support:
    Develop contracts for execution, transaction processing, preparation of necessarydocuments, communication with Legal &Complicance for contract review・Ensures contract retention and management of original copies of files and PDFs inshared drives.・Ensures appropriate document uploads contract PDFs to the contract managementsystem for filing and retention as per audit requirements・Manages the list of contracts as per audit requiremements, including uploading toDetermine system・Reports contract list by quarter to Finance as per audit request・Communicating with external vendor as needed・Authorization of company seal as appropriate on Medical Directors behalf

    Medical Events and Congress support:
    Ensure compliant logistic support for medical events such as advisory board meetings,medical education meetings, steering committee meetings, congress support for thetherapeutic area teams・Ensure data entries of co-sponsored Medical seminar through foundationConnectsystem・Ensure appropriate contract creation, legal review and management for all medicalevents.・In collaboration with Congress Manager, raise a purchase orders and arrangeappropriate logistics・Ensure appropriate and compliant financial management of medical events: purchaseorders, payment authorizations, invoicing and archiving of scheduled payments・Collaborate with Finance on new vendor processing and procurement・Supports Audit and remediation plan -by preparing necessary data and information,including creating a lists and providing documents according to auditorsrequirements/requests

    Vendor Management:
    Management of IDIS and update i-dis account information as needed.・Ensure article copy downloading and mailing per request・Ensure new medical hire onboarding: desk and office supplies preparation,onboarding meeting setup, including on-boarding plan execution.・Update MSL List and upload to SYNAPSE.・Prepare Business cards and other office supplies as needed

    Team Admin:
    Scheduling and travel support for Head & team・Meeting logistics & organisation (internal event co-ordination: training, fieldexcellence, patient support team meetings)・Datageneration team support (as required)・Operational support for Patient Services Manager, Field Excellence Manager, MedicalOperations Manager

    Expires on 15 Mar 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 下記のメールアドレス(Nagai.M@Pplesearch.Com)までご送付いただけますとスムーズです。)

    Tel: 080-1118-4497


    Effective verbal and written communication skills, Strong planning, organizing, and execution skills demonstrating sound time-managementand analytical thinking, knowledge of KPIs and measuring techniques for event management

    Minimum of 3 years of FTE administration within one company, preferably in a pharmaceutical company

    Bachelor Degree or equivalent knowledge

    Business Japanese and English

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