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  • 16 Feb 2024

    APAC Sr. Manager Product Marketing of Digital solution (MedTech)


    Permanent Position
    Headquarters: California An innovator and dominant force in robotic-assisted surgical procedures, they collaborated with medical facilities and healthcare teams globally to address some of the most formidable obstacles in the field and push the boundaries of achievable outcomes

    Job Description

    The role is exclusively open to Singaporean citizens or individuals holding Singapore PR status.

    Primary Function of Position:

    The Senior Manager overseeing Marketing for the Digital Product Portfolio in Asia is tasked with orchestrating and executing regional marketing strategies for our Intraoperative Digital Product Portfolio across five strategic markets: Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and India. Primary responsibilities include spearheading market entry strategies, conducting thorough market analysis, deriving actionable insights, and implementing marketing campaigns in collaboration with Corporate, Regional, and Market teams. The overarching objective is to fortify preparedness, facilitate launches, drive adoption, enhance utilization, and amplify customer satisfaction for the Intraoperative Digital Product Portfolio. Acting as a central figure in Asia for our Digital Product Portfolio, this individual bears the responsibility of understanding customer requirements and fostering close collaboration with multidisciplinary teams to formulate and execute tailored growth strategies addressing the varied needs across the region.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Facilitate the development and alignment of visions for the Intraoperative Digital Product Portfolio and marketing initiatives with sales and marketing stakeholders to introduce Digital Products and expedite their acceptance.
    • Work closely with Asia Regional Clinical, Hospital, and Platform portfolio teams to ensure cohesive and integrated visions and marketing strategies and tactics across Asia.
    • Collaborate with Corporate, Regional, and Market counterparts to devise localized strategies and plans for launching the Intraoperative Digital Product Portfolio in Asia.
    • Establish a uniform planning process regionally, incorporating genuine product positioning, value messaging, and localized commercial execution.
    • Conduct post-launch assessments with Market teams to monitor execution effectiveness and implement necessary adjustments to achieve objectives. Identify, institute, and advocate for best practices to enhance sales and marketing capabilities for the Digital Product Portfolio throughout the Region.
    • Recognize deficiencies in marketing resources for the Asia region and drive the development or customization of new collateral and tools for the Digital Product Portfolio as needed.
    • Gather insights from trade shows, market research, customer interviews, focus groups, and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) case studies pertaining to the Digital Product Portfolio.
    • Generate region-specific insights for existing (post-market) and upcoming (pre-market) Digital products in the pipeline.
    • Develop business justifications for the introduction of new Digital products in-market or within the region.
    • Forge productive relationships with Regional Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and leverage their influence in their respective Markets and globally to showcase our Intraoperative Digital Product Portfolio.
    • Provide support to Global Product Management in addressing product quality issues and managing End-of-Life (EOL) plans as they emerge.



    Expires on 16 Apr 2024

    Posted By

    Lyndia Liou (What'sAPP:+886981955127

    Tel: +886981955127


    • 12+ years of experience in medical devices product marketing or a similar commercial role.
    • At least 5+ years experience in Asia role. 
    • 3+ years of experience with Healthcare software product marketing.
    • Working experience in Healthcare software implementations and integrations in familiar with hospital environments in Asia.
    • Demonstrates consistent and impactful communication skills across diverse organizational tiers. Takes initiative in engaging and influencing senior stakeholders. Demonstrates a proven ability to effectively position and convey the messaging of products or services both internally and externally.
    • Proficient in both qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies. Experienced in tackling substantial and distinctive challenges where analysis of situations or data necessitates evaluation of intangible factors
    • Proficiently makes decisions and resolves issues that affect multiple teams and departments, considering the extensive scope of responsibilities which often entail intricate strategies and high-level objectives.
    • Able to travel 50% across Asia and other region is indeed. 

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