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  • 20 Feb 2019

    Scientific Advisor (Neurology)


    Permanent Position
    Abbvie - アッヴィの歴史は医薬品業界の先駆者的存在である米国アボット社から始まりました。 アボット社は1888年、シカゴの医師Dr. Wallace Abbottによって設立されました。 以来、アボット社は、150ヵ国以上で革新的な医薬品、栄養製品、診断用製品および医療用製品を人々に提供しながら、医療界のグローバルリーダーとして進化しています。

    Job Description

    Summary of Job Description: 

    Reporting to the Therapeutic Area Associate Medical/Scientific Director, this position represents the affiliate’s medical/scientific voice of expertise for assigned product(s) 

    and relevant therapeutic areas. The position provides medical / scientific expert advice / guidance to key internal and external customers for assigned products and relevant therapeutic areas, 

    including scientific exchange and professional relationship development with external experts. 

    It provides medical / scientific input into marketing strategy and key commercial initiatives, as required, 

    and medical / scientific support for medical department activities under the direction of the Therapeutic Area Medical/Scientific Director.

    Major Responsibilities: 

    ・Develop and maintain in depth knowledge for assigned product(s) / relevant therapeutic area(s) through attendance / 

    participation at key internal meetings/training sessions, relevant congresses, and seminars and by regular self-study of the national/international literature. 

    ・Provide expert medical/scientific advice for assigned products and related therapeutic areas, 

    including responding to requests for scientific/technical information; contribute to the development and 

    medical and scientific accuracy of core dossiers generated by the medical department. 

    ・Establish and maintain professional and credible relationships with external experts and academic centers; 

    this will involve participating in scientific congresses, coordinating advisory boards, round-table meetings, discussion forums, etc. 

    ・Deliver scientific presentations and medical education programs to healthcare professionals individually or in groups 

    (meetings, clinical sessions, etc.), where requested. Develop and update medical education materials. 

    ・Screen relevant literature and other information from relevant scientific societies meetings and conferences and 

    develop summaries of key messages for use within the Company (e.g. key areas of scientific/company interest, 

    new trends in diagnosis, monitoring and treatments in the therapeutic area, etc.) 

    ・Contribute scientifically to training to sales forces and other departments; develop and update relevant training materials. 

    ・Clinical Research Activities: 

    -Design and implement clinical research projects within defined standards and budgets 

    (e.g. Phase IV, post marketing clinical activities such as registry/database projects, epidemiological surveys, and PMOS studies). 

    -Provide the required oversight to manage review, approval and conduct of IIS studies. 

    -Support the affiliate Clinical Research Department in the management of clinical studies, 

    as appropriate (e.g. review new clinical study protocols, identifying potential investigators/sites, conducting feasibility surveys). 

    ・Review and preparation of promotional material. Ensure the medical/scientific content is correct and fully compliant 

    with AbbVie’s internal policies and guidelines. 

    ・Provide medical/scientific input into marketing strategy and key commercial initiatives, 

    as required. Monitor the environment for competitive intelligence (e.g. product strategies, studies, commercial messages, positioning, etc.) 

    and communicate, where appropriate, within the Company. 

    ・Ensure compliance with all applicable national laws and regulations, guidelines, codes of conduct, 

    policies and procedures and accepted standards of best practice. 

    Expires on 13 Apr 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 表記のメールアドレスまでご送付いただけますとスムーズです。)

    Tel: 080-1118-4497



    Essential Skills & Abilities: 

    - Knowledge of medical science and regulations – Required 

    - English communication skill – Required 

    - Experience of clinical practice and basic research – Desirable 

    - Experience of job in pharmaceutical company – Desirable


  • 20 Feb 2019

    Medical Science Liaison(Neurology)


    Permanent Position
    Abbvie - アッヴィの歴史は医薬品業界の先駆者的存在である米国アボット社から始まりました。 アボット社は1888年、シカゴの医師Dr. Wallace Abbottによって設立されました。 以来、アボット社は、150ヵ国以上で革新的な医薬品、栄養製品、診断用製品および医療用製品を人々に提供しながら、医療界のグローバルリーダーとして進化しています。

    Job Description


    担当治療域のMedical Planの作成と実行により、エビデンスの構築および科学的情報の提供を行い、患者のベネフィットの最大化


    結果責任: 上記3項目が特に優先度高い3項目

    ・In Field MedicalとしてAbbVie薬剤の医学的・科学的価値を向上させる



    ・全てのMedical Activityに対する業界・社内規則の遵守・徹底

    ・Medical Planに基づいたMSLPlanの構築と実行




    ・Medical Strategy


    ・Medical Plan












    KOL/KEE KOL/KEEの選定と関係の深耕、インサイトの収集



    MR他社内 の医学的・科学的知識レベルを向上の為のサポート

    Expires on 13 Apr 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 表記のメールアドレスまでご送付いただけますとスムーズです。)

    Tel: 080-1118-4497










    ・賢明かつ確実な判断/Decide Smart and Sure

    ・迅速性と責任感/Agile and Accountable

    ・明確に、そして勇敢に/Clear and Courageous

    ・可能性の実現/Make Possibilities Real

    ・患者さん中心/Patient Centric

  • 20 Feb 2019

    In-Field Excellence Manager


    Permanent Position
    Abbvie - アッヴィの歴史は医薬品業界の先駆者的存在である米国アボット社から始まりました。 アボット社は1888年、シカゴの医師Dr. Wallace Abbottによって設立されました。 以来、アボット社は、150ヵ国以上で革新的な医薬品、栄養製品、診断用製品および医療用製品を人々に提供しながら、医療界のグローバルリーダーとして進化しています。

    Job Description


    1. 営業組織の力を最大限に発揮させ、営業目標を達成する。

    2. 活動のKPIのトラッキングおよび、目標との逸脱があればその原因究明を行なう。

    3. 売上の進捗トラッキングおよび、目標との逸脱があればその原因究明を行なう。

    4. 継続した顧客との良好な関係を築くための仕組みづくりとその運用をサポートする(CRM)。


    5. 社内における各ステークホルダーの責任者に対して、IFEチームの代表責任者として業務を遂行する。

    6. 社内におけるCRMの浸透を推し進める。


    リソースアロケーション:BI&E Gr Manager、BI Sr Managerと共に全社におけるプロモーションリソースとチャネルミックス(営業、デジタルなど)の最適化分析を行ない、シニアマネジメントへ提案する



    ・セグメント軸を変更/新設する場合は、マーケティング及び社内の関係者と最適なセグメント軸を検討の上、現場から回収するプロファ イリングサーベイに反映する。
    ・ セグメンテーション軸に変更がない場合は、既存のプロファイリングデータのアップデートを行なう。
    ・ 上述のステップが完了後、顧客を個人レベルで各セグメントに同定し、SFAシステムをアップデートする。

    ・ リソースアロケーション検討におけるカバレッジシナリオを基に、ターゲットする医師の総マーケットポテンシャル、自社製品売  上、 人数、セグメントを決定する。
    ・ 医師のセグメントごとの分布がテリトリーごとに全国の縮図となっていない点、施設レベルでのポテンシャルによるターゲットの閾値 を考慮し、テリトリーレベルでのターゲット医師選定のガイドラインを設定する。


    ・ 下の5つの原則に沿ったインセンティブプランを作成し、事業部長および営業部長と合意し、社内の承認を取得する。
     Paying for performance / Driving desired behavior / Motivational / Implementable / Financially responsible
    ・ 作成されたインセンティブプランに基づき、タイムリーに進捗配信、結果のシェアなどのインプリメンテーションを行ない、現場のモ チベーションを維持・向上させる。

    ・ SFAの各機能について、担当の営業組織のニーズをフィードバックする。
    ・ 社内データのマスター(JD-net、組織、人事、テリトリー、薬局紐付、製品、顧客)管理プロセスを構築し、常に最新のものに保つた めのサポートを提供する。

    ・ 営業活動におけるKPIの進捗のモニタリングを通してPDCAサイクルを迅速に回し、改善の提案をする。
    ・ 営業組織に対して、SFE/SFAに関連するトレーニングを行う。
    ・ エリア会議等へ参加し、営業現場でのSFEのコンセプトの浸透を行なう。
    ・ 営業現場からマーケティングに対するフィードバックのサポートを行ないPDCAを促進する。

    ・ 顧客との関係強化を意識した仕組みづくりをSFA/CRMツールを有効活用し、推進する。
    ・ ブランドチームやメディカルで定められた、重要顧客(ターゲット医師・EE)の管理を行う。

    《In-Field Medicalサポート業務実行》
    必要に応じて、営業組織と同様のサポートをIn Field Medicalに対しても提供する。


    ・ 自身のリソースを、ビジネスインパクトに基づくプライオリティにより配分する。
    ・ 不足していれば追加リソースをリクエストするなどの手段を講じる。
    Expires on 13 Apr 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 表記のメールアドレスまでご送付いただけますとスムーズです。)

    Tel: 080-1118-4497



    ü 顧客志向

    Ø 顧客に対して、良好な関係を築き、絶えず高い満足を提供し続けようとする意図的な活動姿勢

    ü 達成志向

    Ø 「目標は必ず達成するもの」「数字に執着することが大事」「最後まであきらめない」という姿勢

    ü 効率志向

    Ø 最少のインプットから最大のアウトプットを求めようとする姿勢

    ü 解決志向

    Ø 自分を取り巻く環境の中で「何がうまくいっているのか」に着眼するマインド、対人関係では相手の強みや良い点を見ようとする姿勢

    ü 協同志向

    Ø 自分とかかわる他者に関心を持ち、相手の立場に立って物事を考え、一緒に課題に向き合おうとする姿勢

    ü 医薬品の営業及びSFEに関する知識

    ü 医薬品のデータに関する知識(JD-net 、IMS、Ultmarcなど)

    ü 医薬品のマーケティング知識があれば尚可/ マネジャーは必須

    ü プロジェクトマネジメント、クロスファンクショナルな環境で仕事を進め、実行するスキル

    ü コミュニケーション、人間関係構築スキル

    ü 論理的思考・仮説思考

    ü ドキュメンテーション能力(MS PowerPoint、MS Word)

    ü 分析能力、ツールのスキル(MS Excel必須、MS Access他データベース、統計、モデリングの経験があれば尚可)

    ü プレゼンテーションスキル

    ü 英語力があれば尚可(TOEIC730点以上が望ましい) / マネジャーは必須



    SFE関連業務2 – 3年以上 / マネジャーは4年以上(営業現場での経験があれば尚可)

  • 20 Feb 2019

    Project Manager Ⅱ - CNS


    Permanent Position
    Syneos - Join a game-changing global company that is reinventing the way therapies are developed and commercialized. Created through the merger of two industry leading companies we bring together more than 21,000 clinical and commercial minds to create better, smarter, faster ways to get biopharmaceutical therapies to patients. Teaming with some of the most talented professionals in the industry, you'll gain exposure and work in a dynamic environment where you'll be supported with comprehensive resources including emerging technologies, data, science and knowledge sharing. Grow your career with a global company committed to shortening the distance from lab to life.

    Job Description


    Provides customer-focused leadership in managing clinical projects across various phases, functional areas and assigned clinical staff. Accountable for the successful execution of all assigned projects, where success includes on-time, on-budget, high-quality/compliant project results that lead to satisfied customers. May have line management responsibilities. 


    Project Leadership and Delivery: 
    •Manages a project as a project manager overseeing interdisciplinary clinical research studies and ensures compliance with GCP, relevant SOP’s, and regulatory requirements. 
    •Acts as a primary liaison between the Company and the Customer to ensure timely study launch, conduct, and closeout according to the Customer’s and the Company’s contractual agreement. 
    •Lead project team to ensure quality, timelines and budget management. 
    •Accountable for the financial performance of each project. 
    •Coordinate activities and deliverables of all study conduct partners and proactively identify and manage issues. 
    •Ensure studies are conducted in compliance with GCP, relevant SOP’s and regulatory requirements. 
    •Accountable for all project deliverables for each project assigned. 

    Documentation and Reporting: 
    •Responsible for quality and completeness of TMF for assigned projects. 
    •Accountable for maintenance of study information on a variety of databases and systems. 
    •Responsible for study management components of inspection readiness for all aspects of the study conduct. 
    •Oversight for development and implementation of project plans. 
    •Plan, coordinate and present at internal and external meetings. 
    •Prepare project management reports for clients and management. 
    •Developing contingency planning and risk mitigation strategies to ensure successful delivery of study goals. 

    Business Development: 
    •Develops strong relationships with current clients to generate new and/or add-on business for the future. 
    •May participate in bid defense meetings where presented as potential project manager. 

    •May be required to line manage other project management team members and clinical monitoring staff. 

    Expires on 13 Apr 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 表記のメールアドレスまでご送付いただけますとスムーズです。)

    Tel: 080-1118-4497



    •Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) level of qualification in life sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing or equivalent combination of education and experience. 
    •Clinical research organization (CRO) and relevant therapeutic experience preferred. Strong knowledge of Good Clinical Practice/ICH guidelines and other applicable regulatory requirements 
    •Strong organizational skills. 
    •Strong ability to manage time and work independently. 
    •Direct therapeutic area expertise. 
    •Ability to embrace new technologies. 
    •Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal skills, both written and spoken in Japanese language. 
    •Ability to travel as necessary (approximately 25%). 

    Tasks, duties, and responsibilities as listed in this job description are not exhaustive. The Company, at its sole discretion and with no prior notice, may assign other tasks, duties, and job responsibilities. Equivalent experience, skills, and/or education will also be considered so qualifications of incumbents may differ from those listed in the Job Description. The Company, at its sole discretion, will determine what constitutes as equivalent to the qualifications described above. Further, nothing contained herein should be construed to create an employment contract. Occasionally, required skills/experiences for jobs are expressed in brief terms. Any language contained herein is intended to fully comply with all obligations imposed by the legislation of each country in which it operates, including the implementation of the EU Equality Directive, in relation to the recruitment and employment of its employees. 


  • 20 Feb 2019

    医薬開発本部クリニカルオペレーションズジャパンメディカルライティングQCマネージャー/Medical Writing QC Manager, Clinical Operations Japan, Medical Div


    Permanent Position
    ベーリンガーインゲルハイム - 全世界に145の関連会社と、約50,000人の社員を擁しています。 世界で3つの主要な研究開発拠点と、サポート拠点(日本)を持つ研究開発主導型企業として、グローバルに創薬活動を展開しています。 日本では日本ベーリンガーインゲルハイム株式会社が医療用医薬品ビジネス、ベーリンガーインゲルハイム ベトメディカ ジャパン株式会社とメリアル・ジャパン株式会社が動物用医薬品ビジネス、そしてベーリンガーインゲルハイム製薬株式会社が医療用医薬品製造を担っており、ベーリンガーインゲルハイム ジャパン株式会社が上記4つの事業会社にサービスを提供しています。

    Job Description

    <Basic Purpose of the job>

    Plan, write, and manage clinical trial reports and contribute to other clinical documents essential for obtaining marketing approval worldwide. Provide critical input to the analysis and interpretation of clinical data.


    1.Be responsible for clinical documents on study level or project level, as assigned. This includes writing, planning, developing of document strategies, resolving and integrating review comments, and overseeing of timelines. Contribute to scientific and regulatory discussions within the trial teams.

    ・Quality and timeliness of clinical documents. Compliance of documents with international guidelines and corporate SOPs. Successful and efficient interaction with teams.

    2.Ensure quality of clinical documents (study-level, or project level as appropriate) assigned to external providers by appropriate oversight and training. Contribute to appropriate budget planning and cost control.

    ・Quality of CTRs and compliance with relevant SOPs. Stay within timeline and budget.

    3.Adhere to and improve medical writing standards.

    ・Knowledge of and compliance with CTR standards. Extent and quality of contribution.

    4.Contribute to the organizational development of Clinical Operations Japan as a member of the organization- participate in different initiatives within COJ as appropriate

    ・feedback of stakeholders
    Expires on 13 Apr 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 表記のメールアドレスまでご送付いただけますとスムーズです。)

    Tel: 080-1118-4497


    <Required Skills>

    Special Skills

    Skills and Competencies Ability to effectively communicate complex clinical information in writing for the target audiences; capacity to structure text and data in a clear and concise fashion; ability to convey data patterns in text, tables, or graphs. Scientific and analytical thinking; understanding of medical concepts, statistics, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics; ability to comprehend and interpret clinical data; understanding of the clinical development process. Project management skills including time management; ability to manage projects effectively across regions; strong interpersonal and social skills; ability to communicate effectively in international cross-functional teams; diplomacy; cultural and political sensitivity; presentation skills; ability to achieve results in complex matrix environments; proficiency in word

    <Special Work Experience>

    Leadership experience (1-3 years leading projects) and international experience (international exposure in daily business> 3 years or worked abroad > 1.5 years).

    <Language Skills & Proficiency>

    Japanese:Native level/Fluent(Read・Wright・Speak)

    English:Native level/Fluent(Read・Wright・Speak)

    <Required education>

    Degree / education:Bacheloes Degree 学部卒

              Or Masters Degree eg MBA or MSc 博士修了

    Or Doctoral Degree eg. PhD or MD 博士修了

    Major, focus:Medicine 薬学、Life Science

    Sound knowledge in regulatory writing, including clinical trial reports of all clinical phases and other clinical documents; understanding of international writing standards and conventions. Good knowledge in 1 therapeutic area and its clinical standards. Sound knowledge in clinical documents standards and regulatory requirements. Effective negotiation skills in the definition of timelines and deliverables.
  • 20 Feb 2019

    IT Manager – Digital Initiatives and Channel Enablement


    Permanent Position
    ベーリンガーインゲルハイム - 全世界に145の関連会社と、約50,000人の社員を擁しています。 世界で3つの主要な研究開発拠点と、サポート拠点(日本)を持つ研究開発主導型企業として、グローバルに創薬活動を展開しています。 日本では日本ベーリンガーインゲルハイム株式会社が医療用医薬品ビジネス、ベーリンガーインゲルハイム ベトメディカ ジャパン株式会社とメリアル・ジャパン株式会社が動物用医薬品ビジネス、そしてベーリンガーインゲルハイム製薬株式会社が医療用医薬品製造を担っており、ベーリンガーインゲルハイム ジャパン株式会社が上記4つの事業会社にサービスを提供しています。

    Job Description

    We are on a journey towards significant transformation of its Customer Engagement Model and managing and developing a high quality IT ecosystem is critical to our business success. We are looking for an ambitious IT Manager who supports the business in providing demand management, business consultancy, domain architecture, project management and information technology-related services to assigned business clients. Through ongoing consultation with business clients, this role identifies and analyzes business needs, influences and negotiates scope and requirements, and champions innovative process changes and/or technology-enabled solutions. In this role, the person manages IT projects, ranging from smaller C-level projects to the larger, more complex B- and A-level projects, through to small programs.

    As an employee of company, you will actively contribute to the discovery, development and delivery of our products to our patients and customers. Our global presence provides opportunity for all employees to collaborate internationally, offering visibility and opportunity to directly contribute to the companies' success. We realize that our strength and competitive advantage lie with our people. We support our employees in a number of ways to foster a healthy working environment, meaningful work, diversity and inclusion, mobility, networking and work-life balance. Our competitive compensation and benefit programs reflect Boehringer Ingelheim's high regard for our employees.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    Business Consultancy:

    · Adopt a leadership role in influencing IT-related business decisions through a consistent and direct engagement of clients at all levels in multiple business domains. 

    · Own the strategic IT relationship with the customers at senior leadership level, developing a precise understanding of the business strategies, priorities and challenges, ensuring that the implementation of global IT strategy is aligned to business objectives in region/local.

    · Demonstrate a thorough understanding of multiple business domains, including all business processes, and the interactions between these business domains. Consistently influence through an acknowledged recognition of client needs and corresponding IT opportunities.

    · Pro-actively propose new and improved business processes, champion innovation where possible. Address all other aspects of the Business Consultancy role. 

    Demand Management 

    · Perform a liaison function between the business and M&S Channel Engagement services. 

    · In close partnership with all business stakeholders, influence, match and independently prioritize complex demands on multiple IT services to maximize value to the business. 

    · Address all other aspects of the IT Demand Management role. 

    Project Management

    · Independently plan, organize and oversee resources to achieve the goals and objectives of multiple small projects or a large project. 

    · Address all other aspects of the IT Project Manager role.

    Digital Consultancy

    · Work closely with business leaders to discover and define digital initiatives that will gain competitive advantages and support commercial and business goals. 

    · Drive and execute business initiatives that leverage digital innovation and connected technologies for the region. 

    · Translating business objectives into digital strategies that drive revenue, build brand recognition and equity, grow customers, and gain our market share. 

    · Interact and engage with local business leaders on a regular basis, communicating digital business case that achieves the organization’s objectives and brand vision.

    · Support new products & service launch via digital technology. Develop and administer the digital project portfolio.

    Domain Architecture: 

    · Based on a thorough understanding of all processes within a business domain, analyze, define and document the relationship of all systems and services that support this domain. 

    · Identify and propose improvements to individual IT systems or services, to business or IT processes supported by such, or to the relationship between IT systems / services and business processes. 

    · Work closely with business clients and IT colleagues on Application Landscape decisions that drive the implementation of the proposed domain improvements. Demonstrates all other aspects of the IT Domain Architect role.

    Cross Functional 

    · Extensive collaboration with business clients, IT colleagues and external business partner agencies (technical and creative). 

    · Must simultaneously manage many external partners during project execution.

    · Must operate in complex internal environment related to business process and compliance guidelines. Ability to identify latent needs associated with changing external and internal environments.

    · Must leverage and/or support complex systems and platforms for multiple OPUs, locations, application systems, regulatory and legal requirements, high growth business climates, and changing competitor and customer environments.

    · Must give priority to both high business value and regulatory mandated initiatives.

    · Influence strategic direction, productivity, and achievement of established business objectives within multiple functional or business area(s). 

    · Through colleague recommendations, keep current with the constantly changing technology landscape and recommend new solutions to match the strategic objectives of the supported business areas.

    Expires on 13 Apr 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 表記のメールアドレスまでご送付いただけますとスムーズです。)

    Tel: 080-1118-4497


    Required Skills 

    · Strong business process knowledge, and a demonstrated capability to apply technology solutions in addressing complex business issues.

    · Demonstrated project management capability based on the successful completion of projects.

    · Demonstrated capability to develop, maintain and apply a business, data, application and technical architecture within a functional domain.

    · Strong communication skills, and strong relationship development and management capabilities.

    · Strong foundation and in-depth understanding of: 1) methodologies for system design, development, and implementation; 2) all phases of the Project Implementation life cycle;

    · An entrepreneurial mindset, strong leadership skills, extensive knowledge in digital technologies, and a deep understanding of business, consumers and culture.

    · Strong Leadership skills.

    · Diversity and multicultural awareness and sensitivity.

    · Demonstrated problem solving ability, including strong conceptual and analytical skills and ability to turn findings into executable plans.

    Required Capabilities (Skills, Experience and Competencies):

    · Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an accredited institution required with a focus in Information Technology, or equivalent knowledge

    · Progressive IT and business experience of up to 8-10 years

    · Strong Project Management skills 

    · Understanding of web analytics and tag management

    · Basic proficiency in SQL, XML, JavaScript, Drupal, PHP and HTML

    · Ability to communicate to business and IT contacts on a variety of topics

    · Understanding of relational database, client-server and data integration concepts

    · Experience in supporting and collaborating with an international technical and business analyst t team.

    · Acting proactively with a strong sense of responsibility

    · Strong communication skills in Japanese and English with a passion for working in a virtual is a MUST, international and multicultural environment.


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