What if, every morning, you could wake up inspired and driven to make positive changes in someone’s life by helping them achieve success in their business or career? At PeopleSearch, we are privileged to be able to do this every single day. It invigorates us, which is why for us, work is a labour of love."

We believe a job needs to be more than a job. It needs to be an avenue for continuous growth, inspiration and fulfilment.

Forget about being a pencil pusher. Instead get paid to be someone’s Super Hero – one who’s engaged, inspired and empowered to catalyse others’ success and make a tangible and enduring difference.

What You Will Do

At PeopleSearch, we believe that all paths lead to one common goal: making a great connection that brings two amazing people together. Your job is to be a catalyst for them to reimagine and achieve their goals in concert with each other. It’s about crystallising a mutually beneficial vision.

But of course, bringing a candidate to a client is just one part of the job, albeit an important one. There’s plenty more to it!

Join the Team

To succeed with us, you must be motivated and naturally curious.

We don’t expect you to be an expert right away. We hire based on potential and train on skill. We invest in strengthening your competencies through customised onboarding and training programmes that are recognised as the industry’s best.

Our recruitment consultants know the power they hold in their hands and apply it judiciously to benefit as many people as possible. If you believe you fit the bill, get in touch. We look forward to discussing your career success as part of our team.

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