Our suite of comprehensive human capital solutions is designed with a future-ready approach to talent acquisition and management.

Each solution is carefully formulated based on thorough research and real-world experience. Depending on your needs, we customise products and services holistically to drive your business and/or career priorities.

We identify and place outstanding professionals in mid/senior-level positions in permanent or contract roles across industries and functions to power strategic business growth.

Each of our consultants is assigned an industrial and functional specialisation. We immerse ourselves in the field to gather and analyse key industry information and formulate informed insights, while cultivating an extensive network of top performers. This allows us to deftly develop solutions to address your business challenges and swiftly connect you with high-performing professionals in the field.

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We manage every aspect of your executive seat.

For each assignment, PeopleSearch assembles an elite team of experienced consultants to imbue the search process with sectoral, functional and geographical insights. Acting in consultative and advisory capacities, we ascertain your strategic intent.

With an understanding of your requirements and challenges, we comb the talent landscape while capitalising on our proprietary database to provide you with ideal candidates for your success.

Whether you're setting up a business or expanding its footprint, you need the best people to help you start strong.

Regardless of your industry or business type, your employees are your most valuable asset. You need leaders and innovators who can help you make a mark swiftly and build a healthy corporate culture.

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Asia's multicultural landscape and competitive talent pool renders recruiting for a start-up exciting as well as challenging.

We thrive on helping new businesses burgeon. Aside from brand new enterprises, we work with multinationals looking to get new units off the ground. We provide a range of human resources solutions including manpower planning, hiring, onboarding, compensation and benefits, payroll and leave administration, expatriate management as well as cultural assimilation.

As headhunters, we inadvertently end up playing the roles of mentor, coach and career advisor.

We decided to take this a step further by designing comprehensive career transition and outplacement programmes for both individuals and groups.

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During what could be a challenging period in people’s lives, we provide the necessary support to help transitioning employees plan and embark on the next steps of their career journey.

To preserve your organisation’s reputation as a humane and socially responsible corporate entity that cares for its exiting employees, we have an effective process in place to ensure restructuring is conducted with empathy, compassion and professionalism.

One-on-One and Group Programmes

As we empower each employee with the skills to begin the next chapter of their career, we diminish negative emotions, channelling them towards more constructive pursuits.

We empower mid/senior-level candidates with the best tools of the trade. Our one-on-one career transition suite comprises personalised 360-degree support including an individualised review of career paths, strengths, competencies and career aspirations.

For both individuals and groups, we provide guidance on skills acquisition and development, CV writing assistance and job interview preparation sessions. We also provide opportunities for effective networking.

We pave the way for each candidate to master the complexities of transitioning and emerge stronger on the other side. Ultimately, we ensure their continued career success by providing quality outplacement services.

Assessment tools provide insights into candidates’ character and behavioural traits.

Such information can ascertain individuals' suitability for job roles and predict their performance. It also allows managers to calibrate their talent motivation and retention strategies.

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Harrison Assessment System™, is one of the world's most technologically advanced and comprehensive talent assessment platforms.

It is used by FORTUNE 500 companies globally, in areas such as Talent Acquisition, Talent Engagement and Talent Organisational Development.

Harrison Assessments provide a scientific basis to assess candidates objectively and develop and retain them with the right motivators. From the initial selection process, to the individual’s integration into the organisation and career progression, the tools comprehensively support and augment your talent management strategies.